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An unofficial AniList client for iOS

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Make Changes Quickly

The Dashboard shows you all the things you're currently watching and reading, and lets you quickly update your progress and score.

Screenshot of the Dashboard

Switch Between Anime and Manga

Simply swipe or tap to switch between anime and manga for the page you're on.

Animation of switching to manga

See Everything

Look through everything you have on your lists, including the ability to filter, sort, and search. Use the index on the right to quickly scroll through that massive backlog you'll never get to.

Screenshot of the List page

Tons of Detail

More detail than the mobile AniList site or other apps. Even more detail added with every update. Way more detail than you probably want.

Screenshot of the details page, top Screenshot of the details page, showing more info section Screenshot of the details page, showing cast section
Screenshot of the tags page Screenshot of the relations page Screenshot of the recommendations page

People too

Tap on voice actors and staff to see what else they've worked on. Add media to your list as you go. Tap on a tab to get yourself out of the rabbit hole you went down.

Screenshot of the person page, voice actor Screenshot of the person page, author

Discover New Media

See what's popular this season, and what has stayed popular over time.

Screenshot of the Discover page

Find What You're Looking For

Search for anime, manga, and people using English, romaji, or kanji.

Screenshot of the search results page

Get Notified

See notifications about things like new seasons or adaptations of series you follow, new episodes of currently-airing shows you're watching, likes/replies on your status messages and forum posts, and more.

Screenshot of the AniList notifications list

Light or Dark

Supports light and dark mode based on your system settings.

Screenshot of the Dashboard in light mode