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Privacy Policy

The iOS App

The iOS App (“the App”) does not contain any third-party analytics software or trackers, advertisements, etc.

When you log into your AniList.co account, the App receives a token to use to make requests on your behalf. This token is stored securely on your device using Apple’s Keychain Services API, and is only transmitted to AniList.co for the purposes of authenticating requests. If you ever wish to revoke a token granted to the App, you can do so on the Apps page of your AniList settings.

If the App crashes, your device may send a crash report to Apple for use by the developer to analyze and fix bugs. Crash reports may contain information such as what action you were trying to take when the App crashed.

By using the App, you agree to AniList.co’s privacy policy and terms of use.

This Website

This website does not contain any analytics software, third-party trackers, cookies, etc. It is just a static website.

This website is hosted with Netlify. Netlify might collect or log some information, such as IP addresses or user agents that connect to the site. Please consult Netlify’s privacy policy and terms of service to learn more.